Children's Health

The best care happens when your child's doctor and the other people working in their offices join with you, in a partnership, to help keep your child healthy. It means they listen and respond to your questions, and they make your child feel comfortable during the visit. It also means the doctor talks to you--and to your older child--about important things like your child's growth and development, diet and eating habits, behavior, and ways to keep your child safe.

As a partner with your child's doctor, you also have things to do, like asking questions, keeping records of your child's medicines and immunizations, and making sure your child visits the doctor regularly.

Just like doctors for adults, pediatricians and their offices are all different. The trick is finding the best doctors' office for your family, and this website can help by showing which doctors' offices provide the highest quality care.

For more on what quality health care means when it comes to your kids, follow the links below.