Care for Kids with Asthma

What is asthma?

In kids with asthma, the airways that carry air in and out of our lungs are more sensitive and easily become swollen and irritated, making it harder to breathe. This is called an asthma attack. An asthma attack can happen when there are certain irritants in the air, such as dust or tobacco smoke. This can also happen during or after exercise.

How do I know if my child has asthma?

Asthma usually begins in childhood, and some kids are more likely than others to have it, including young children whose parents have or had asthma and kids who have certain kinds of illnesses.

You should talk to your child's doctor if you notice signs of asthma:

How can I know if my child is getting quality asthma care?

High quality asthma care is when you, your child, and your child's doctor are partners in managing your child's asthma. The goal is to manage the asthma so that your child does not have any trouble breathing, including:

What is an asthma action plan?

An asthma action plan is something you, your child, and your child's doctor create together. The plan lists the child's asthma medicines and gives directions about how and when to take them. It also explains what things may trigger an asthma attack and how to avoid those things.

What questions should I ask my child's doctor about asthma?

Here are some questions to ask your child's doctor if you are concerned about asthma: