Working With Office Staff

Your experiences in the doctors' office include the office staff. This includes other health care providers, such as nurse practitioners and physician's assistants, as well as the receptionist and billing staff.

Below are questions your can answer about experiences with the office staff. There are also lists of ways that patients can help make care better.

Is the doctor's office staff as helpful as you think they should be?

A patient's experience is not just about the doctor. It also is about whether the office staff treats patients in ways that are helpful and polite.

Here are some ways your can work with your doctor's office staff:

Does the doctor's office staff treat you with courtesy and respect?

Other staff in the doctor's office-including staff people such as nurses, receptionists, the billing or scheduling staff-should treat patients with the same courtesy and respect as your doctor does.

Here are some actions you can take to be treated with courtesy and respect in your doctor's office:

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